21 Best Baked Potato Toppings


If baking a potato is the kind of thing you only make as a last resort, when your fridge is empty or you’re completely out of dinner ideas, you’re not alone. Once upon a time, we were like you! Then we got hip to the fact that baked potatoes are wonderful because of their simplicity, not in spite of it. Check out these 21 recipes for ideas—ranging from breakfast to apps to dinners (and even dessert 😉), they might just turn your opinion of the humble baked potato right on its head.

It’s all about their versatility. They’re great with nothing but a pat of butter, salt, and pepper, of course, but they’re also the perfect vehicle for anything from lots of cheese, like in our twice-baked potatoes, to caramelized onions, like in our French onion baked potatoes.

Want to get fancy? Spend a few minutes slicing potatoes just right, and you’ll get beautiful hasselback works of potato art that are bound to impress a dinner date or a crowd.

Having a party? Scoop out baked potato innards and make baked potato skins. (Don’t worry, we’ve got recs for what to do with the leftover potato.) Feel free to get creative with your toppings too—we’ve got Big Mac potato skins and Philly cheesesteak potato skins, but really, the sky’s the limit.

Not exactly sure how to bake a potato? We’ve got you. Believe us, they’re even great when you cheat and make them without baking at all (we LOVE the magic of the microwave and Instant Pot).

Feel overwhelmed with the choices? Our guide explains the most popular type of potatoes, helping you pick just the right one for the job. And don’t sleep on baked sweet potatoes. They’re a great savory or sweet option for when you’re looking to change up your routine (and they can be made in the microwave too).

Spuds can truly do no wrong in our book. For more potato inspiration, check our list of potato side dishes, our favorite ways to fry potatoes, our favorite potato-made vodka brands, and our recipe for potato candy that might just become your new favorite.

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