Best January Dinner Recipes – What To Cook In January 2023

vegetable biryani


We know better than most that after all the holiday hustle and bustle in December, January can be… a bit of a bummer. It’s COLD out, it gets dark crazy early, and yet life must go on and dinner’s gotta get on the table. Join us this January as we make as much comfort food as possible, attempt to form some better habits (this is THE year those New Year’s resolutions are gonna stick, we swear), and dream of spring (only 2 months to go!). We’ve got 40 recipes to help inspire you to make dinner this January—one for every day of the month, and then some.

We’ve included a good mix of entirely new recipes, like our garlic bread pizza, our cheesy pierogi and kielbasa skillet, and our vegetable biryani, as well as some older favorites, like our brie spaghetti, our copycat Big Mac, or our marry me chicken. We also know many of you might be embarking on some New Year’s resolutions, so we’ve included a number of our favorite keto, vegan, vegetable-forward, and air-fryer recipes here too. Take a peek at our vegan risotto, our cacio e pepe sweet potato noodles, our air fryer orange chicken, or our keto pork chops for inspiration—you never know, maybe you’ll enjoy them so much, you’ll stick with it all year long.

We’re also taking some inspiration from where you might be at mentally and emotionally this month and filling this list with comfort foods. We don’t know about you, but we find a little solace in foods that remind us of being a kid, so we’ve included our sloppy Joes, our air fryer hot pockets, our homemade chicken nuggets, and our taco spaghetti. We implore you to take the time this January to figure out what brings you comfort, and make it to lift your spirits when you’re feeling blue. Chinese Lunar New Year is also this month (January 22, 2023) and is the perfect opportunity to try out some new recipes and spend time with family. Our homemade pork dumplings are perfect to combine the two—we can’t think of a better project to while away the wintery, January evenings while we wait for spring.

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