Best Low Calorie Desserts Recipes

air fryer gf peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies


Healthy eating, for Team Delish, is something we take pretty seriously all day long. And by “pretty seriously”, we mean we’re not about to forgo our favorite desserts, especially these clever low-calorie dessert recipes. Since we know healthy can mean different things to different people, we’ll always be celebrating the diversity of various palates and dietary interests at our table, and what better way than with dessert? If you’re following a keto, paleo, vegan, or gluten-free diet, we’ve got options for you. No matter your dietary needs (or if you’re just feeling something light for dessert!), these recipes will give you that little somethin’ sweet without any sacrifices on flavor or texture.

Entertaining? Our vegan cheesecake or keto chocolate cake are real stunners that we pull out for every holiday, and they’ve never ceased to impress. Having a big celebration with only one or two vegan or gluten-free guests? Try one of our easy brownie or cookie recipes to go alongside your main dessert. Avoiding processed sugar? Celebrate with fruit! You could go bite-size and extra cute, like with our banana s’mores or strawberry sundae bites, or more classic, like fruit salad. Plus, we all know that chocolate-covered strawberries are great for pretty much any occasion (including having them all to yourself 😏).

We love these recipes as dessert, but we’ve also been known to sneak a few into our breakfast routine too, like our chia pudding or oatmeal cookies. We won’t judge if you do the same—cake for breakfast is okay if it’s healthy, right? These sweet ideas also make for great midday snacks, like our peanut butter protein balls or sweet ‘n’ salty chocolate bark, when you need a little afternoon pick-me-up. No matter what healthy looks like to you, these delicious desserts will be the cherry on top of your meal—any time of the day!

Still searching for sweets? Check out our favorite fruit desserts and mini dessert recipes (so cute) for even more inspo!

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