Best Waffle Batter Fried Chicken Recipe

Chicken and waffles is a classic brunch dish, but have you ever thought about turning your chicken into a waffle? Don’t worry, no waffle maker required! Instead, you’ll combine the two dishes by coating chicken cutlets in waffle batter before pan-frying them to crispy, crunchy perfection. To serve, sprinkle the chicken with a touch more salt, then generously drizzle with maple syrup and hot sauce. For extra credit, finish off your stacks with a pat of butter just like you would with waffles. It’s indulgent, but so worth it.

For stack-ability, we’ve opted for boneless chicken cutlets rather than bone-in chicken pieces (they also cook quicker, too). They stack just like waffles and get the perfect crispy waffle crust-to-chicken ratio.

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waffle batter fried chicken


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