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Blind Pig Pizza – Hartford, CT

blind pig pizza hartford

Blind Pig Pizza in Hartford, CT is a great spot that offers wood-fired pizzas that aren’t the type of pizza that first comes to mind when you think of Connecticut, but is great nonetheless.

As someone who grew up in CT and has watched Hartford’s transformation from afar over the past decade, I love to see a restaurant like Blind Pig thriving. They have a killer and unique pizza menu, heavy on meat toppings, with daily specials like “$7 Marg Mondays” & “We Care Wednesdays”. Dare I say, Blind Pig by themselves sweeten the idea of moving back one day.

I ordered a Smoked Wing pizza for take out from on the way home to Massachusetts one weekend, and reheated it when I got home. I loved their take on buffalo chicken, with pulled chicken and crispy skin. There was a perfect amount of hot sauce and gorgonzola. The pizzas are a little too big for one person to eat without having leftovers, but not quite big enough to share either. Just get two. 🙂

Website: www.blindpigpizza.com

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