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Custom Built Big Green Egg Minimax Table – The Cook’s Digest

Building an awesome table for a Big Green Egg seems to be a rite of passage for many Egg owners. Sadly my DIY skills are non-existant. In fact in 2002, and following a shockingly bad attempt to paint a wall, my wife imposed a lifetime ban on me from attempting any type of handiwork. My father-in-law, on the other hand, is a highly skilled DIY enthusiast. So for my recent birthday he gifted us an amazing custom built Minimax table …

The Inspiration

The design of this table is based on one by Gary, who was kind enough to do complete technical drawings of his table (pictured below). I liked the look of this a lot, especially with it being on casters so I could move it around the back garden to where we would be eating.

Gary's Minimax table

I asked my father-in-law to change the design a little, specifically having the Egg on top rather than in a hole. This meant I could position the Egg on the top wherever I needed it to be … left, centre or right. The only other addition I requested was some funky lighting. This adds zero functionality to the table, it just looks cool.

With this brief and Gary’s plans, my father-in-law went to work …

The Finished Table

So here it is. And it’s perfect. It’s has a darker stain than Gary’s one, the top isn’t curved and the Minimax sits on a slab of marble. I used a granite stone on the right hand side as a chopping and food prep board, easy to wipe down.

The new minimax table ready for action

The table is on casters so I can easily move it around the garden/patio to where we are sitting and entertaining guests:

Casters make it easy to move the table around

There’s a rail on the front to allow me to hang gloves, tongs and anything else that I need to:

Gloves and tongs ready to be used

The table has a collapsible shelf at the back, which is useful if I’m serving up food and want to pass it to guests without having them get too close to the heat from the Minimax.

Back shelf that can fold down when not in use

The top shelf is just the right height to store some Egg utensils, with large pieces of equipment on the bottom shelf (the items shown are for the large Egg):

Ceramic cap, cast iron grid and grid extender within easy reach

Extender rig and PSWoo for the Large Egg

The Minimax sits on a leftover piece of marble that was cut to shape. The marble is free-standing so I can move it left, centre or right depending on the cook I am doing. It spends most of it’s time on the left as I am right handed. To protect the wooden surface the underside of this has self-adhesive furniture floor protection pads attached to the underside of the marble:

Marble base with the Minimax

I use an inexpensive, heavy duty BBQ cover to protect the table when it’s not in use. This cover is particularly good because it can be placed over the Egg whilst it’s still warm to touch.

Covered up when not in use

The Undertable Lighting

I had seen many tables in the USA with undercounter lighting. Whilst they serve no purpose whatsoever in terms of cooking, they do look cool and also highlight the outside area for hedgehogs at night. The outdoor LED lighting kit was sourced from Amazon. It is waterproof and mains powered with a remote control for funky lighting effects. I use a Masterplug weatherproof electric box to protect the extension cable sockets from the elements.

Red undercounter lighting

White undercounter lighting with a Big Green Egg chair

The picture below shows the weatherproof box in the bottom right hand corner and the remote control for the lighting:

Remote control and weatherproof eletric box

One of our cats likes sitting on the bottom shelf at night, looking out for hedgehogs:

Kali on the bottom shelf with blue lighting

In Conclusion

What a great birthday present! An outstanding table for my Minimax. Now it’s time to cook, in the picture below I was getting set up to cook some St. Louis ribs with Dizzy Pig rubs. And a cool glass of Chardonnay. Thanks for looking!

The full setup ready to cook

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