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Napoli Pizza – Weymouth, MA

napoli pizza weymouth

Here we go, folks, my first pizza review in the town where we’ve planted some roots, Napoli Pizza in Weymouth, MA. I ordered a medium buffalo chicken pizza on Uber Eats and was pleasantly surprised by the smooth and quick delivery. The pizza came in less than half an hour, it was great.

When I opened the box I liked what I saw. My buffalo chicken pizza from Napoli Pizza had buffalo chicken tenders, mozzarella, and blue cheese with a hot sauce base. The toppings were absolutely delicious, especially with a little Ken’s Blue Cheese Dressing drizzled on top.

However, I was a little bummed by the crust. It seemed like it was pre-made, which I’ve seen before, and in fact is a method used by the very popular local chain Oath Pizza. For a place called Napoli Pizza, I was just expecting the dough to taste a little more NY style. That being said though, the crust didn’t taste bad and held the toppings well.

I’d definitely order Napoli Pizza in Weymouth again, but I have a feeling their basic cheese pizza might not be as good as their buffalo chicken pizza. I hope I’m wrong!

Use Uber Eats promo code “eats-u21ga” for $7 off your first order.

Website: https://www.napolipizza.us/

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