Our Best New Year’s Eve Appetizers

So long, 2022. You did your best. But it’s hat’s off to the future around here. And what better way to ring in 2020 than with a bangin’ New Year’s Eve bash, complete with tasty snacks and timeless tipples. Here’s what you’ll need—our favorite finger foods and appetizers for your New Year’s Eve party. Dig in!

The Best New Year’s Eve Appetizers

1. Holiday Hot Spinach Dip

This quick-and-easy, mayo-free spinach and artichoke dip is made with sour cream and chopped red bell pepper. Enjoy with your favorite crackers, bread and vegetables. If you like, make it in advance and stash in the fridge, then pop it in the oven before party time. “I make this every year during the holidays,” says TheresaNY.

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine.
Allrecipes Magazine

2. Olive Puffs

For best results, use strongly flavored olives, not canned ripe olives, for these puff pastry-wrapped olives. “The flavor of canned olives disappears in the puff pastry,” says Syd. “We make them with a variety of pitted olives — pimento-stuffed green, plump kalamata, Provencal. They are our family’s favorite holiday appetizer.”

Photo by Allrecipes.

3. Caprese Appetizer

Classic caprese ingredients — mozzarella, fresh basil, and cherry tomatoes — on a toothpick! “These caprese salad skewers are perfect for holiday parties,” says Jessi.

Photo by Annette Green.

4. Perfect Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

For even more substantial bite-size stuffed mushroom, chop up the stems and add them to the crabby filling. Janette Marie McGrath says, “These babies were delicious! I chopped up the stems really small and cooked them on the stove with the green onion and added a heaping tablespoon of garlic.”

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck.

5. Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Blue Cheese

These crispy, bacon-wrapped stuffed dates are always a party favorite. “Delicious and very easy to make for a party,” says WINEANDCHEESE. “You can serve them at room temperature, so it is okay to make a few hours in advance!”

Photo by Felicia.

6. Feta Cheese Foldovers

These golden puffed pastries are loaded with a tangy feta cheese mixture. Make them ahead, and then pop them into the oven after your guests arrive. “This is an appetizer that looks more difficult to make than it is,” says Mallinda. They’re versatile, too: Christy Weber Stout made them with “Mediterranean-flavored feta cheese (pre-packaged with chopped olives & sun dried tomatoes) and also added cooked, diced chicken. They were great!”

Feta Cheese Foldovers | Photo by Christina.

7. Sweet, Salty, Spicy Party Nuts

Here’s a great snack to stash around the party in bowls. Walnuts, pecans, cashews, and almonds are spiced up with cayenne pepper, cumin, salt, and freshly ground black pepper. You can also throw in chipotle pepper, smoked paprika, whatever seasonings you like. Quick Tip: Spread out the cooked hot nuts on parchment paper so they don’t clump together as they cool.

8. Jalapeno Popper Cups

Here’s a smart tip for prepping these party poppers in a cup: Put the creamy, jalapeno and cheese mix in a sandwich baggy, snip a corner of the bag, and pipe the mixture into the tart shells so they don’t break. “I love this recipe!” raves Cookin’Fotog. “So easy and less messy than actual poppers.”

Photo by Cookin’Fotog.

9. Sausage Balls

These 3-ingredient sausage bites are so easy to make. “My advice is to grate your own cheese,” says REIFF73. “Companies add starch to pre-grated cheese so it stays separated and looks pretty. That added starch will hinder juicy & moist sausage balls.”


10. King Crab Appetizers

Impressive and delicious, these crab apps are a cinch to make! Press refrigerated biscuit dough into tartlet or muffin pans, add a spoonful of creamy, cheesy crab filling, and top them off with a pinch of paprika. “A major hit!” says Becky. “I used the frozen phyllo cups, and there was enough filling for 30 of them (or two boxes). Everyone was asking for the recipe. The only thing I added was a little garlic powder.”

Photo by Robyn.

11. Baked Ham and Cheese Party Sandwiches

Mini sandwich rolls are layered with deli ham and Swiss cheese and baked with a savory poppyseed-mustard sauce. LisaT says, “These small, delicious sandwiches are perfect for any party. They are so good that even the pickiest of eaters will eat these.”

Photo by Kim’s Cooking Now.

12. Mini Mushroom and Goat Cheese Tarts

Double or triple up on this savory appetizer recipe to feed a party crowd! You’ll top squares of puff pastry with savory goat cheese, garlic, and mushrooms. “This was a great, quick and super easy recipe,” raves ebanne. “After I put the cheese and parsley on it, I put it back in the oven for a short time to soften the cheese.”

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine.

13. Festive Finger Food with Smoked Salmon and Olives

Smoked salmon makes for an elegant addition to any New Year’s Eve spread. Besides cutting all the ingredients to-size and mashing the avocado, the only prep this recipe requires is sticking everything together on a serving tooth pick.


14. Baked Stuffed Brie with Cranberries & Walnuts

Creamy brie pairs perfectly with tangy cranberries and crunchy walnuts, all wrapped together in buttery pastry. “Yummy!” says Cynthia K. “Will absolutely make this again.”

15. Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

It’s a good idea to have something sweet in your appetizer offerings too, and this dessert cheese ball fits the bill. “Absolutely fabulous little appetizer!” says Jillian. “This tastes just like cheesecake but without all the effort!” Serve with a side of graham crackers, chocolate wafers, or even pretzels for a sweet and salty combo.

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