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Shrimp Pil Pil With Spinach Recipe

The shrimp we’re talking about here is cooked in a riff on Spanish pil pil sauce, which begs the obvious question. Pil pil, which comes from the Basque region of northern Spain, was traditionally made from cooking skin-on cod fillets in garlic-infused oil. For this recipe, our pil pil-inspired sauce starts with toasting garlic cloves in butter until fragrant. Next we add olive oil and smoked paprika for spicy, rich flavor, and then sauté the shrimp in it.

This easy dish comes together in a hurry and, with the addition of wilted spinach, creates a balanced meal. And, since we cook the shrimp in the same pan as the spinach, there’s minimal cleanup. Win! Don’t skimp on the bread for this meal: It’s crucial for sopping up every last bit of the sauce. Serve with a dry, crisp cider or a lightly effervescent white wine like Albariño or Vinho Verde.

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