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The Best Kitchen Cleaning Products of 2023

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser


No kitchen cleaning product I’ve ever used has been more miraculous than Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and they’re a favorite of other editors as well. Magic erasers are a lightweight, spongy, non-toxic cleaning tool made from melamine resin foam, which acts like a cross between a sponge and a very fine-grained sandpaper. My wife and I use them for an enormous range of kitchen cleanup tasks, from removing rings and stains from our unsealed stone kitchen counters, to getting dirt and grease off our stove, and to removing spatters of sauce or oil from wherever they may land. They’re also great on pots and pans, kitchen utensils, light switches, and really anywhere you’ll find lasting dirt and gunk. Pro tip: you don’t need the kind with fancy features, designs, scents, or added soaps. Just get the regular rectangular white ones and then cut them in half crosswise. Cutting them in half gives you many more uses than you’d get if you just used the whole block all at once, and you can put your own dish soap of choice onto the block, if desired. — Jacob

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