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The Best Soup Bowls of 2023 │Recommended by Serious Eats


What’s the best type of bowl to keep soups warm?

Ceramic and porcelain are great at absorbing heat, which can then help insulate the soups you serve. At the same time, bowl shape can also regulate temperature: narrower bowls with higher sides can create more thermal mass, insulating the soup longer than wider, shallower bowls.

What shape should a soup bowl be? 

Different-shaped soup bowls serve different purposes: wide and shallow bowls can help thick stews and pureed soups cool down easier, while bowls with high sides help brothy soups from spilling over the edge while moving them. There’s no right or wrong shape for a soup bowl, however, as long as it’s comfortable to hold, easy to eat from, and it doesn’t hurt if it’s easy on the eyes, too.

What is the best size for a soup bowl? 

Soup bowls come in many different sizes, and we have recommendations from 18 up to 45 ounces. Brothy soups intended to be a main tend to fit more comfortably in bowls between 30 and 40 ounces, while most of our other recommendations are in the 20- to 30-ounce range for their versatility.

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