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The Best Sous Vide Containers of 2023


What’s the best container for sous vide? 

Annoying, but there’s no hard-and-fast answer for this. You can use a variety of different containers for cooking with an immersion circulator, all to the same effect. Durable, heat-proof plastic containers are inexpensive and lightweight. Metal stock pots are versatile and almost always large enough to accommodate whatever you’re cooking. Enameled cast iron Dutch ovens are versatile too and have excellent heat retention. Specialty containers, often made by immersion circulator brands, have lots of bells and whistles, which could come in handy if you rely on this method of cooking regularly. If you plan on cooking on the stovetop while using your immersion circulator, you will benefit from having a dedicated sous vide container. But if you plan on using the appliance sporadically, your trusty stock pot or Dutch oven will do the trick. 

What’s the best sous vide container with a lid? 

Although you don’t need a lid to cook with sous vide, they’re handy for longer cooking sessions because they maintain the water level. This container, from EVERIE, has a lid. For a container without a lid, you can use ping pong or sous vide balls to maintain the water level.

Can I sous vide in a plastic container? 

You can use some plastic containers for sous vide. Do NOT use basic food storage containers for sous vide, even if they are very large. The plastic will warp or melt at higher temperatures. The keyword is “polycarbonate,” which signifies a durable, heat-resistant plastic that will last for years.

Can you use any container for sous vide? 

Although you don’t need to buy a sous-vide-specific container, you can’t just grab any vessel in your kitchen. A sous vide container should be at least four quarts in volume, have tall enough sides to accommodate the immersion circulator, and—of course—be able to withstand sustained, high temperatures. Just as important are the tools you use with your container: you’ll need a plastic bag with a strong seal (Ziplock-style freezer bags are fine), a binder clip to attach it to the side, and a trivet or pot holder to act as a barrier between your counter and the vessel. We also recommend ping-pong or sous vide balls to help maintain water levels.

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