Recipe Grilled Lamb Shoulder

grilled lamb shoulder

Grilled lamb shoulder is a classic dish, popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean. It’s full of complex flavors and easy to prepare, making it the perfect family dinner.

The key to getting juicy and flavorful grilled lamb shoulder is proper marination. Marinating the meat in a mixture of herbs and spices like bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, pepper flakes etc., gives it a unique flavor that will surely tantalize your taste buds .

After marinating for few hours, all you need is a hot grill and some basic kitchen equipment like spatulae to turn this dish into an amazing one! Grilling adds smokiness to the already savory lamb shoulder that makes it absolutely delicious. Serve it with sides or salads like tomatoes or tabouleh, and your family will have nothing but praise for this savory entrée!

This recipe is for grilled lamb shoulder, very tasty, as red meat contains many benefits and a delicious look after cooking, and among the benefits of meat is that it contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, including:

• Zinc.



Vitamin B3.

• Vitamin B6.

• Vitamin B12.

• Phosphorus.

I came to you today with a delicious recipe from my humble kitchen, and it lies in a lamb shoulder in a special grilling way, and it is very delicious. Do not miss the opportunity and try it.

We start today’s roast lamb shoulder recipe with the following ingredients:

lamb shoulder chop marinade ?

Boneless beef shoulder



• Seasoning


•red pepper

•black pepper

•Thyme herb

How to prepare ?

First: slicing the meat, not cutting it, and putting a mixture of these spices on it, wiping it and inserting it inside these slices. And we put it in frying pans to fry on low heat to be used as stuffing for grilled meat
Sew all edges of the meat, leaving a small opening to insert the filling into the meat
Then we fry some meat cut into small sides, not fried to the point of dryness, and put black pepper on it

And we bring the stuffing

yellow corn

• Meat cut to the sides

• Mushrooms


• onions

We put corn and cut meat after frying, mushrooms, cheese and a little onion.

Then we stuff these ingredients inside the meat and close the remaining hole with thread.


how long to grill lamb shoulder ?

After mixing these ingredients, we put them inside the meat and close the remaining hole with thread.

how long to cook lamb in oven ?

Cooking time is about 1 hour (60 minutes).

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