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Where To Find Heady Topper & Pizza At Gillette Stadium

heady topper gillette stadium

This past December, my fiance & I went to the ill-fated Patriots vs. Chiefs game at Gillette Stadium. It was a really cold day and after getting into the stadium, we set our sights on finding some beer and snacks. Expecting to grab Papa Gino’s and Bud Light, we stumbled into “Ale House” simply because they were a Gillette Stadium pizza option and the line wasn’t too long.

When we got to the front and saw the beer options, I was amazed to see Heady Topper cans on sale for the relatively reasonable price of $12 each. My fiance grabbed a Heady Topper, I got something by Trillium, and we decided to share a pepperoni pizza.

gillette stadium pizza

The pizza wasn’t by Papa Gino’s (I think) and came in a generic brown box. It had obviously been sitting there a little bit but the toppings were balanced and everything tasted decent. It’s stadium pizza, what do you expect?

Ale House’s space was very generously warmed with heat lamps, so it was pretty crowded and we had to take our stuff to go. If you do get a spot, it’s definitely a decent Gillette Stadium pizza place to kill time and get before a game starts. They’re located on the first level when you walk into Gillette Stadium, near sections 113 and 137.

pizza blonde gillette stadium

Website: www.gillettestadium.com/concessions

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